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Smile Stories

Everyone’s story begins with them.

Smile! It makes us all feel good and ultimately look good. A smile is the universal sign for hello and an acknowledgement of one another. One smile can ease another and invite others inwards. Bottom line, smiles can be powerful!

At Cooper Dental, we have seen frowns turn to grins, grunts turn to laughter, and smirks turn to joy. I have seen it all, tears of joy, seconds of silence, and eyes that gleam. Wow! To move people emotionally is amazing.

The photographs below are Cooper Dental patients. While there are some cases where specialists have been involved for a specific part of the treatment, the final result has been completed by Dr Cooper. Images have only been adjusted for contrast and angle. None of the dentistry has been simulated or touched up in any way.



Tooth Wear

This is a example of moderate tooth wear localized to the front upper 4 teeth and the lower 4 front teeth.

Sandra Smile Before PhotoSandra Smile After Photo

The patient wanted to bring back the normal shape of the teeth without making it look like there was obvious dentistry done. The patient did not want a “Hollywood look”. This was accomplished by treating 8 teeth, the upper 4 and lower 4 front teeth with veneers. We provided symmetry in the smile, brought back a natural length to the teeth and a very natural colour.



Excess Space

This is an example of excess space on the top and bottom teeth and tooth wear. The edges of the front upper and lower teeth appear flat and square.

Sandra Smile Before PhotoSandra Smile After Photo

The patient greatly disliked the gaps and resultant shape of the teeth from all the wear and tear. In order to fix the issues the 10 top teeth were treated with a combination of veneers and esthetic crowns and the lower 6 teeth were treated with veneers. This plan allowed all the gaps to be closed and a more natural tooth shape for each individual tooth.




This is an example of worn down and discoloured teeth. The front teeth have been fractured and appear very broken down.

Sandra Smile Before PhotoSandra Smile After Photo

The patient was over 60 years old and disliked how the smile looked aged, because of the colour and shape. In order to fix this, a gum lift (crown lengthening) was performed on the front 2 upper teeth. After which all 14 upper teeth were treated with a combination of veneers and crowns. Special note: notice how the front 4 teeth are slightly lighter than the side teeth. This avoids making the final smile look like a denture. Also note the colour was more age specific to this patient rather than choosing too white of a shade.




This is an example of a patient with very nice natural teeth but both the upper and lower jaw lack space to fit the teeth.

Sandra Smile Before PhotoSandra Smile After Photo

The patient disliked how the front 6 upper teeth looked prominent and the upper side teeth could not be seen in the smile. In addition, the lower side teeth angled in on both sides. The ideal treatment for this patient was to move the teeth with Invisalign. This is a great option for adults when they do not want to wear metal braces.




This is an example of a gap in between the front two teeth and a gummy smile.

Sandra Smile Before PhotoSandra Smile After Photo

The patient disliked the amount of gum that showed on the sides when smiling. In order to address that, a gum lift (also known as crown lengthening) was done on both upper sides. After which 8 veneers were placed on the top teeth, which filled the gap and made the side teeth have a more normal size.


Your next step.

If you are personally looking to make a change in your smile, keep in mind that most issues can be fixed.  Every smile that you just viewed was in the same position as you, questioning if they should proceed. Deciding if it is worth it to put in the time and invest financially in a new smile. In the end, we always hear, “I wish I had done it sooner!”

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